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Excessive active oxygen in the human body causes damage to cells in various organs, accelerates aging, and promotes disease.

Hydrogen Water Generator when consumed combines with the active oxygen to form harmless water and eliminates toxins in the body.

Ionized Water, Hydrogen Water, Hydrogen Gas:

The body can be helped or healed naturally with free-hydrogen antioxidants. Free-hydrogen is a unique molecule of two hydrogens, bonded together, but not bonded to any other elements.

You can only get free-hydrogen in ionized water, hydrogen water or hydrogen gas. Other names for free hydrogen are: molecular hydrogen, diatomic hydrogen or H2.

 The most widely used and possibly the most therapeutic form of free-hydrogen is in hydrogen water.

Hydrogen water can be produced by either a water ionizer or a hydrogen machine, and in either case is very therapeutic.

There is nothing more holistic than hydrogen. Every cell needs it!

Regular water should not be confused with hydrogen water. It has hydrogen in it of course, H2O, but the hydrogen in regular water is not free and cannot fight free-radicals. 

There are two ways to get hydrogen water: ionized water (water ionizer) and hydrogen water (hydrogen water generator).

There have been more than 1000 published studies conducted by scientists from around the world, on the benefits of molecular hydrogen, hydrogen water, hydrogen by itself (as a gas) and hydrogen in ionized water have on the body.

 See for yourself the enormous and growing proof that alkaline ionized water and hydrogen water can significantly help the body.

Here is the good examples of the scientific researches about hydrogen water, water ionizers, and hydrogen gas to date. 


Studies shows as well that hydrogen improves glucose control!

Interesting to know: Ionized water is typically called "electrically reduced water" or ERW in the studies. Hydrogen, in hydrogen gas and hydrogen water, is often called "molecular hydrogen". Ionized water is not the same as hydrogen water, but can be called hydrogen water because it has a lot of molecular hydrogen in it.

Ionized water is produced in a water ionizer and hydrogen water is produced with either a hydrogen water machine or hydrogen gas generator.


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